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We are running a Destiny Learning Workshop in English, in October 2019 in Berlin.
This workshop pursues questions of destiny, revealing how the Double or Shadow can be understood as a Destiny Signpost and Helper. The exploration starts with individual examples of repeated unsuccessful patterns in our lives where usually we repeat what works well for us. We follow a Seven Step Transformative Process that encourages an empathetic viewing of how we meet challenging events in our own characteristic ways. Blind Spots can become more conscious and learning opportunities can be taken up where previously we may have experienced only an obstacle.
The approach presented on this workshop has been originally researched and developed by Coenraad van Houten who also introduced the term ‘Destiny Learning’.


Dates and times

Thu 17/10 – 10:00
Sat 19/10 – 15:00


Forum Kreuzberg … Lebenswege …
Köpenicker Str. 172
10997 Berlin

Course fee

390,00 €
Includes tea, coffee, snacks
(room and board not included)

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The Biography Log-book
We just published our Log-book, a manual and introduction into biography work. It is also the first product in our online store. After placing an order your book will be mailed from one of our distributioin pionts in Germany, India, Australia, Thailand or Taiwan. Please click here to see some sample pages.

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Lebenswege … bringing spirit to life …

Entwicklungsbegleitung für Menschen und Organisationen – Biografiearbeit

  • Unterstützung bei Orientierungs-, Sinn- und Richtungsfragen
  • Durchführung von Workshops und Weiterbildungen in Biografie-Arbeit
  • Seit 1997 tätig in: Deutschland, UK, Ungarn, Thailand, China, Australien und Neuseeland
  • Inspirationsquelle unserer Arbeit ist Anthroposophie – Menschen-Weisheit
“Auf die Frage nach dem Sinn des Lebens antwortet jeder mit seinem eigenen Lebenslauf.”
György Konrád


Lebenswege …

bietet Kurse, Weiterbildungen und in-house Kurse, die der persönlichen und beruflichen Entwicklung dienen.

Unser Weiterbildungsangebot richtet sich an Menschen in pädagogischen, sozialen, therapeutischen und beratenden Tätigkeitsfeldern, die sich für Biografiearbeit, persönliche Entwicklung, Selbst-Führung interessieren und zusätzliche Qualifikation auf Grundlage einer holistischen oder spirituellen Perspektive erarbeiten wollen.

Living-way … bringing spirit to life …

Facilitating Development for People and Organisations – Biography Work

  • Facilitating for finding orientation, direction and meaning
  • Conducting workshops and trainings Biography-Work mainly on Biography- or Life-story Work
  • Active since 1997 in: Germany, UK, Hungary, Thailand, China, Australia and New Zealand
  • Our work is inspired by Anthroposophy – Human Wisdom
“To the question, what is the meaning of life; all answer with their own biographies.”
György Konrád



offers personal and professional development courses, trainings and in-house workshops in cooperation with local organisations in Germany, Australia and wherever invitations emerge.

Biography workshops and trainings are beneficial for individuals working in educational, social, therapeutic or counselling professions, and everybody wishing to add a more holistic or spiritual context to their individual world-view or their professional perspective.