Training for Biographical Consultations – Life Story work – Schooling Courses

Living-way… offers personal and professional development courses in cooperation with local organisations in Germany, Australia, New Zealand and India.
Seminars are designed for individuals working in educationalsocialtherapeutic or counselling professions and everybody wishing to add a more holistic or spiritual context to their individual world-view or their professional perspective.


Our spritual roots are connected to Anthroposophy, one possible expression of contemporary spirituality.


Our work in Australia started with Schooling Courses in Melbourne (1999) and Armidale (2001-2003). Followed by trainings in Biography Work (Life Story Work) in Melbourne and Sydney.


At this moment in time we are in the process of running the third Australian Biography Training cycle located in Sydney. Biography Foundation Courses and other Living-way… courses are offered wherever a group of people singnals interest. For 2013 workshops are planned in Lillian Rock and Canberra.