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Life Story Work reflects on individual biographies against the backdrop of the archetypal developmental journey of humanity. It is based on reflexive research developed by Rudolf Steiner, Bernard Lievegoed, Gudrun Burkhard, Aaron Antonowsky, Coenraad van Houten and other contemporary writers, therapists and educators.

Life Story or Biography Work can be done individually, with a group of trusted companions or in therapeutic settings. It provides valuable insights into the themes, changes and turning points in one’s life.  Strengthening and deepening self-knowledge, it offers keys for future change and growth.

Life Story work is beneficial for personal and professional development. Participating therapists, teachers, facilitators and consultants found, that seeing everyday experiences embedded in a full Life Story and in context with the theory provided on our course resulted in a deeper understanding of layers and phases in life, and opened new perspectives and approaches in their work.

Life Story Work can be used in career counselling, coaching, couple counselling, family therapy, curative work; and in consultancy work with groups or organisations.  The development of groups and organisations follows similar patterns and phases (Lievegoed, B.: Phases) as individual development.

The Training Programme consists of nine modules over three years. Each module contains distant learning materia, a residential weekend workshop and a residential training component.

The training has three parts. Along each part goes a project leading to a written assay. There are three possible entry points at the start of each part. After participating on a four day Foundation Workshop and an intake interview one join the training annually at the April entry piont (modules 1 or 4 or 7).

In total the training programme consists of 31 residential course days.

The Training Programme is acknowledged by the School of Spiritual Science at the Goetheanum, Switzerland and the International Trainer Forum for Professional Biography Work. Training participants receive a Certificate for Biographical Consultations at completion of the course.

Guest students are welcome to most modules. They receive a certificate of attendance.

“To the question, what is the meaning of life; all answer with their own biographies”.
György Konrád


One-to-one Consultations

with Karl-Heinz Finke

You can book One-to-one Consultations before, after or in conjunction with local workshops. Find further information on dates, costs and process in the Consultations Download.

Course Leader

Karl-Heinz Finke

Location: Canberra
Hosted by the Anthroposophical Society, Canberra.

Foundation Course Fee: $490


Further Information / Downloads

Foundation Module

Pre-requisite for all other modules

Please note

Foundation Courses can be arranged for a minimum of four participants.
Please contact Karl-Heinz for more information.

Info Letter – Cycle 5

Modules-Dates-Fees – Cycle 5


Contact & Enrolment

Karl-Heinz Finke (Trainer)

P  +61 (2) 6100 3766

Laura Summerfield (Coordinator)