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Living-way was founded by colleagues of the Anthroposophical Schooling Course in UK. The Schooling Course had been developed by Coenraad van Houten and the Centre for Social Development team. After the closing of the Centre, colleagues continued to conduct courses and new organisations like NALM (New Adult Learning Movement), the Biography and Social Development Trust and Living-way emerged.
The name Living-way was first used for summer courses in Ispánk, Hungary.

During a Schooling Course in 1997 at Hawkwood College (UK), we received the invitation to conduct a Schooling Course in Melbourne (AU) in 1998. This was the first stepping-stone for many future Living-way workshops and trainings in Australia and New Zealand.
Parallel to contributing to the Schooling Course in UK a Biography Training got started at Forum Kreuzberg Berlin. At the beginning facilitated by Dr med Gudrun Burkhard. Since 1998 conducted by a local team, which decided to use the name Living-way in the German translation: Lebenswege.


Coenraad van Houten – Workshop October 1999 at Forum Kreuzberg, Berlin.

Two strands of Living-way work developed: Schoolingcourses and Biographywork.

Sadly, the Schooling Course in England discontinued after 1998. And after successful three-year cycles in Armidale (AU) and at Taruna College (NZ) the Schooling Courses ended due to low enrolments. The Schooling Course, once seen as the flag ship of the one-year training program at the Centre for Social Development drew less and less interest and has disappeared.

Schoolingcourse October 2002 Armidale, Australia


Living-way would be more than happy to restart it, as this course offered a unique opportunity to explore working with inner and outer Threshold, the Shamanistic and Mystic Path. Perhaps we were spoiled by the usually high number of participants and gave in too early. Nowadays we quite often run workshops with six or eight participants. In 1998 we expected a minimum of 12 to 16.

At this moment (2018) Biography work in Australia continues with the forth-training cycle due to start in Canberra.

In Germany we are in the middle of the tenth cycle and in Thailand in the third year of the first cycle.

Living-way courses emerge following a call or question with the support local people and organisations.

The latest Living-way development is the European Biography Training in English conducted at Forum Kreuzberg in Berlin.


Our Services

Living-way offers workshops, trainings and ‘courses on demand’ for personal and professional development.

Caring for a holistic and sustainable development of each individual, humanity, earth and cosmos is at the heart of our contribution.

Accordingly, we developed workshops and trainings like ‘Biography’ or ‘Life-story Work’, ‘Typologies’, ‘Helping Conversation, Finding my Direction and Mission, Creating a Guiding Image and many more.
We are convinced that self-reflection and self-guidance are preconditions for taking a leadership role in the challenges of our time.
We cooperate with local organisers or organisations in Germany, India, Thailand, Australia and New Zealand.
Our workshops and trainings are acknowledged beneficial for individuals working in educational, social, human resources, therapeutic or consultancy professions.
In addition to skills and knowledge, we offer a salutogenic enquiry, holistic approach, spiritual context and sustainable outlook to ever more complex and changing inner and outer worlds.


‘We long to discover the secrets and mysteries of our individual lives, to find our unique way of belonging to this world, to recover the never-before seen treasure we were born to bring to our communities. To carry this treasure to others is half of our spiritual longing.
The other half is to experience our oneness with the universe, with all of creation.’
Bill Plotkin, Soulcraft



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