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Biography Training in Kassel – Language/Sprache: Deutsch

In Germany Lebenswege … Living-way … workshops and trainings started 1991 at Forum Kreuzberg, a socio-cultural-centre and housing-cooperative in the middle of Berlin. The coordinator of the Freie Volkshochschule, the adult education department of Forum Kreuzberg, invited Coenraad van Houten, Helmuth ten Siethoff, Gudrun Burkhard and other lecturers and teachers con-nected to the NPI (Nederlands Pedagogisch Instituut voor het Bedrijfsleven) and the Centre for Social Development (UK) to con-duct workshops and trainings. At their time these consultants and educators were the cutting edge of ‘making Anthroposophy operational’, a term coined by Bernard Lievegoed. At Forum Kreuzberg courses in adult education, social development, Destiny Learning and Inner Schooling were let by Coenraad van Houten, whilst Gudrun Burkhard started a Biography Training in 1992. Both strands – Adult Education or Schooling and Biography Work contributed to future Lebenswege … Living-way … workshops and trainings, and also shaped our special blend: Looking at individual, social and organisation development through the lens of the Phases Modell developed by Bernard Lievegoed.


In 1997, Gudrun Burkhard announced her wish to retire and helped Lebenswege … Living-way … to develop and launch their first Biography Training program at Forum Kreuzberg. From 1998 to 2005, three German Biography Trainings were held at Forum Kreuzberg. Later Lebenswege … Living-way … decided to run the training at a more central German town and started the fourth Biography Training cycle 2004 in Kassel.


Currently we are in the Tenth German Biograph Training Cycle, held at the Anthroposophical Centre in Kassel-Wilhelmshoehe. This venue is not only almost central for Germany, but also within ten minutes walking distance from a speed train station (ICE), which makes travel very convenient for participants from all over Germany and neighbouring countries like Switzerland, the Nederlands and Austria.


The structure of the Lebenswege … Living-way … training went through a number of changes, as participants could set aside less and less time to attend workshops. For the current tenth cycle we adopted a format developed in Australia, a blend of distance preparation and face-to-face workshop days. The training consists of four three-day modules per year over three years, starting with an extra Foundation Workshop and accompanied by three annual projects. Participants can join the training annually at an entry point in November, after they did a Lebenswege … Living-way … Biography Foundation Workshop.


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