Latest News – Biography Gathering in India 2020

Proposed dates are Wed 30 Sep to Sun 04 Oct


Followed by an excursion to Tiruvannamalai and Auroville

Sun 04 Oct to Sun 11 Oct

Sun-Wed   Tiruvannamalai

Sun 2pm   dep Bangalore

.      7pm    arr Tiruvannamalai

Wed-Sun   Auroville

Wed 9am  dep Tiruvannamalai

.     10am   arr Gingee Fort

.     15pm   arr Auroville

Sun 9am   dep Auroville

.     6pm    arr Bangalore


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In 2009, two women in sarees attended the biannual World Wide Biography Conference at Emerson College, UK. They came on behalf of the Anthroposophical Medical Society in India, looking for trainers to run a Biography Training in India. Following their invitation, Marah Evans and Karl-Heinz Finke conducted the first Indian Biography Training from 2011 to 2015 in Hyderabad and Bangalore.


Currently we are in first year of the third Indian training cycle. The training is conducted as a residential course in Bangalore. It consists of three five-day modules per year over three years, starting with an extra Foundation Workshop and accompanied by annual projects.


Parellel to the third training cycle we run a Mentoring Program in addition to the Biography Training. The aim is to train trainers for designing and running their own Biography Trainings or help them with course design from an Holistic Teaching and Training Perspective.