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As an international team of local and visiting colleagues we run part-time personal and professional development courses in cooperation with local supporters or organisations in Germany (Anthroposophical Centre Kassel), England (Hibernia College, Stroud), Australia (Melbourne Therapy Centre) and New Zealand (Taruna College, Hawksbay).


Seminars are designed for individuals working in educationalsocialtherapeutic or counselling professions and everybody who wishing to gain further qualification based on a spiritual understanding of the human being.

Our main courses are the Live Pathways Biography Training and The Schooling Course also known as Training for Social and Spiritual Renewal.


Biography Courses Consist of 10 seminars spread over about 25 to 30 months.
Schooling Courses
Courses for Social and Spiritual Renewal
Consist of 5 or 6 seminars spread over 2 or 3 years.