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From 2011 to 2015, a Traditional Thai Doctor, coach and consultant – Chinrinee Weerawutiwong – attended a Living-way Biography Training.  Already during the training process she expressed, that she has the impulse to bring this work to Thailand.  She was advised, to wait until the end of her training.

Since working in Hungary and later in China Living-way colleagues were pondering on the question if Biography, or any self-developmental work, can be done via translation. We concluded that the answer to the question depends on the quality of translation, of course material and talks.  Furthermore, that the quality of translation depends on the familiarity with the subject.  We made it a policy, that a training in a new culture and language needs the support of a local person who finished a Living-way Biography Training.

The first Foundation Workshops were offered in March and October 2015. In the beginning hoping that English with summary translations would suffice. Also hoping that handouts and course material could be in English. Both turned out to be unrealistic.

We also discovered, that there are almost no translations of Anthroposophical books into Thai. We decided to employ a translator for the workshops, and to get all workshop material translated, including some crucial chapters by Rudolf Steiner – a mammoth task.

We are still in the first Biography Training cycle. As of now, it turns out that the preparation of the material takes almost as long as conducting the workshops. We hope that there will be a second and a third Biography cycle to justify the effort. It also feels is huge responsibility, to bring the Biography impulse via written material to a new country, as there is little available to cross-reference our work; we have to be as accurate as possible: all quotes and resources need to be double-checked. And finally, it appears that our translations are spreading out in the local networks of people interested in Biography Work, Anthroposophy and Waldorf education. In retrospect, it appears that the decision to run this training was so far the biggest step into the unknown. ‘May the force be with us …’

The Training is conducted under the umbrella of The Three Worlds Creator, a consultancy organisation based in Bangkok. With a lot of good will and support by the local organisers, translators and the 3 Worlds team we move forward.

The training consists of three three-day modules per year over three years, starting with an extra Foundation Workshop and accompanied by annual projects.



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